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sell your own barn conversion or barn for conversion located anywhere in the UK or abroad with - A great tool for agents too!

List Your Property on List Your Property on

List your property on for a flat fee of just £49.99p -
it's as simple as 1 - 2 - 3!
A full page listing on barn-conversion-for-sale only costs £49.99p, considerably cheaper than other property sites, and will remain on until your property has sold or is withdrawn from the market.
We will custom build each listing page for you - all you need supply is a full estate agent type description and up to ten photos, twice as many as some property websites! And that's it! Nothing more to pay, ever. No other 'hidden' fees or extra commissions.
Fill in our on-line, single page, property listing form below as fully as possible - including your contact details and some information about the property to be listed and a description of the property (unlimited number of words)

Property listings on

- it's as simple as 1 - 2 - 3 !

Step #1 - Property listing submission form.

Please fill in the following form as completely as possible and then click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page.

Please note this form is for SELLING a property only

If you have any problems please contact us as and we'll be happy to help you.

Please remember that a flat fee of £49.99p per property is payable
to have your property listed on

Your details (not published):

Your full name

Full address and postcode

Contact telephone no. (incl. STD)

Email address

The above information is for our use only and will not be published with your listing or given to a third party

Property details (all published):

Type of property for sale

If other please give details

Property address (provide address details you want published). You should include Country, Region, nearest Town or City.

Information to appear with listing

Contact name

Tel: Fax:

Email address

Web address

- If yes URL

Property description (please provide a full description - estate agent type if possible)

Please only provide property details you want to be published, we do not accept liability for errors and omissions.

Step #2 - Email us up to ten photos.

Digital Photo Attachments (.jpg, .jpeg) Artist impressions (.gif) only. Maximum size 300x400 pixels or 300KB. Please re-size if necessary before sending.

Send your photos by email, but same sizes apply. Email to and remember to include name of property photos relate to.

Step #3 - Pay for your listing online.

Please pay for your listing online using PayPal to account:

All payments are processed securely with either your credit or debit card. PayPal simply notify us when your payment has been processed. To keep costs down we do not accept cheques or postal orders.

Pay Now by PayPal

Alternative Payment Method - Bank Transfer

Please email us at if you would like to pay by bank transfer. We will email you an invoice/receipt.



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