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More Articles Why a Barn Conversion?

The barn conversion has an honest feel about its heritage together with the look of hand-crafted homely simplicityThe barn conversion has an honest feel about its heritage together with the look of hand-crafted homely simplicity steeped in the roots of the local rural landscape.

The barn conversion also effortlessly evokes the expectation of wholesomeness of a once organic and pleasant peasant lifestyle.

The rural barn conversion has become something of a British housing must have. We all seem to love the idea of the old oak beams, quarry tile or slate floors with hand made brick or rough-hewn stones together with the farmhouse kitchen range. But it has taken the barn conversion buying home seeker over twenty years not to confuse the barn conversion with a suburban bungalow where the building and rooms have been sized to a plot and not fitted into an existing shell.

Those of us in our middle age will have heard tales of woe about dodgy conversions carried out by folk in the Seventies and Eighties. Nowadays the developers of barn conversions, professional or amateur have more to live up to than ever before. Especially with stricter planning regulations making unsympathetic interventions a thing of the past.

With the green movement and uncompromising conservationism a new genera of problems for would-be converters have raised their heads above the parapet. Multiple housing units seem to fit better into all that space that previously made people feel they had to it carved up into boxy rooms, making roof-lines littered with unsympathetic dormer windows, and leaving external elevations riddled with neat rows of double glazes windows.

Unconverted thatched barnBesides the unenviable job of finding your barn to convert, how do you deal with the local planning authorities? How do you create a comfortable, stylish home whilst still remaining sympathetic to the original building's space and drama of the original building? And probably most importantly for most of us, how to complete the whole of your barn conversion project without completely draining your bank account of every last farthing?

Maybe it is better to let someone else do the job and buy in later.

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