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Primitive Decor - A Unique Country look with Primitive décor

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When people think "country decorations," they usually think of bandannas, checker-board patterns and various farm animals. A new, stylish trend in decorating is Primitive Decor. This style is a unique blend of antiques, country and Appalachian folk art. Country decorators love the primitive look because it complements all varieties of country themes.

What makes Primitive decor primitive? Drawing from the Appalachian region, primitive decor uses earthy colours with subtle colonial lighting to create a more relaxing, down-to-earth feeling. Primitive uses a generous variety of antiques as well as reproductions. From a "well-worn" feel to antiqued colonial features, primitive decor brings back the "olden days" feeling of a simpler life.

Primitive decor encourages recycling. Decorators find or buy old pieces of furniture that appear ready for the landfills and turn them into objects of simple beauty. Well-worn pieces are transformed into visually stunning decorations often by adding floral or vines. Old clothing and scraps of fabric are the perfect selections for hand-made annies. Set a grouping of these dolls on old trunks and a room is transformed. Add old or new quilts or a colonial tin lamp for an inviting appeal. Worn out ladders make great displays for silk flower pot arrangements. Add old books, treen-ware, and homemade candles or even pip berry garland to create a stunning ladder display.

There is less maintenance involved with primitive decor. Wooden plank floors with the time worn look do not require the care of linoleum or the newer hardwood floors. The furniture and decorations of yesteryear were typically made with lasting qualities. Just use a little sand paper, stain, paint and nails, to create a lasting primitive-style look.

Primitive décor requires you to open your imagination! Let your creativity use those old mattresses with coiled springs. They can be turned into a treasure find for making primitive doll stands. Wooden chairs create a striking display for the plants on your porch. Take old doors and windows to make wall dividers for rooms. Repaint old cupboards, and then sand the edges for an imperfect, rustic look. A primitive looking pineapple or pear may be stencilled or hand painted on the door fronts. Bed headboards can be turned into benches for seating, or hung on a wall for a quilt display. Tin stars in burgundy blue or antique white also may be hung in a display on the outside of a barn or home or on the walls. Lettered signs that have simple sayings such as "Primitives," "Fixins," "Antiques," "Blessings," "Faith," "Greetings" or other inspirational sayings add a heartfelt feeling over an entranceway. Place mats can be hung over a curtain rod for a simple valance and no sewing involved. Autumn leaves, pip berries, pine cones, rose hips and cinnamon sticks may be added to a wash tub for a potpourri mix. Add a favourite oil scent for an inviting aroma for any room in the home.

The possibilities are endless with a primitive decor. Let your imagination flow freely and enjoy the fact that you are recycling and keeping our world beautiful!

Primitive Decor article Source:

Gail Eads, a well-known country decorations artist is the owner of “The Country Life” in Davison, Michigan. Her store offers gifts, antiques, country home decor and much more.

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